A New Triathlon for Cheshire, Manchester and the North West

General Triathlon Info

This is a very short guide to your first triathlon and we would suggest that you make further searches on the British Triathlon Federation website and that of your local triathlon club.

What is a Triathlon?

A triathlon involves a various distance of swim, biking and running section depending upon the classification of the race. Belvoir Triathlon at Arrow Hall has a sprint distance triathlon (750m swim/20Km bike/6km run) and an Olympic/standard distance triathlon (1500m swim/40km bike/10km run) and a Fun distance often called a super sprint [400m swim/10km bike/2.5krun.. There are other distances and these have such names as long distance and Ironman and middle distance.

Can anyone enter?

Anyone can enter but you will have to train. The sport of triathlon is known as a lifestyle sport as you can fit your training around family and other commitments. The very best preparation is probably by joining your local triathlon club.

Which race distance should I enter?

Unless you have a good sport background or put in some serious training the most appropriate distance for a novice triathlete would be a Sprint or super sprint distance

What finish time should I expect for my first sprint triathlon?

For your first time sprint triathlon you should be expecting to finish in 1hour 30mins to 1hr 50mins. Average splits for each section would be swim 20mins, bike 50mins and run 30mins.

What is a transition?

Participants enter a dedicated area for the changeover from one part of the race to another and this is called transition. Sometimes the transition from swim to bike (known as Transition 1 or T1) and bike to run (known as Transition 2 or T2) is one and the same and this is the case for the Tatton Triathlon. Transition areas are usually fenced off with a single entrance and a single exit designed so as no competitor can have a shorter route than another. Inside transition there will be a space for you to rack your bike and place your running shoes. As you finish each section you will leave unwanted equipment in this space. Full details on transitions will be given in the pre-race e-mail.

What is drafting?

The Tatton Triathlon is known as a non-drafting race which means you cannot ride directly behind another cyclist or ride in a pack. You must keep a 10m gap between you and the cyclist in front but if you wish to overtake you have 30seconds in the 10m draft zone to complete the overtaking. If you complete the manoeuvre the cyclist you have overtaken must fall back 10m but if you fail you must fall back 10m. This rule is in place as following in a cyclist’s or cycling pack’s slipstream reduces the effort needed to ride your bike. A drafting rule ensures that the race is equal and the rule will be enforced by motorcycle referees who may issue time penalties.

What is registration?

Before you can race you have visit race registration to confirm your attendance and to collect race numbers given to you. Please allow 30minutes before your race start for registration. After registration you will be allowed to place your equipment in transition.

What is the British Triathlon Federation?

The British Triathlon Federation (BTF) is the governing body for triathlon and they provide you with the race insurance for the day which is included in your race entry fee. The Tatton Triathlon is run under BTF rules.