Manchester Triathlon, Belvoir Triathlon and North West Triathlon

Belvoir Castle Triathlon - At Belvoir Castle

Below are the details for each event please Click Here to enter the race now.

Every entrant will receive: -

  • Technical T shirt that is great for training or the pub
  • Silicone swim cap
  • 750ml water bottle
  • Goody bag
Olympic (1500m Swim, 3 Laps 39K Bike, 10K Run) £69.87 [Less BTF £3.00 rebate] Enter
Sprint (750m Swim, 2 Laps 26K Bike, 5K Run) £64.87 [Less BTF £3.00 rebate] Enter
Novice (Fun) (400m Swim, 1 Lap 13K Bike, 2.5K Run) £54.87 [Less BTF £3.00 rebate] Enter
Team Olympic (One Swims[1500m]; one bikes[40k]; one runs[10k]) £129.87 Enter
Team Sprint (One swims[750m]; one bikes[20k]; one runs[5k]) £99.87 Enter
Youth (400m Swim, 10K Bike, 2.5K Run) £39.87 [Less BTF £1.00 rebate] - Ages 14- 16 years old Enter
Junior (750m Swim, 20K Bike, 5K Run) £39.87 [Less BTF £1.00 rebate]- Ages 15 - 18 years old Enter